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Week 1
- Where You Are
- Where you Want to Go
- SMART goals



2022 Quantum Leap

On January 1st, we hit the ground running trying to set new goals, feel motivated, and excited to set the reset button. 

Goals such as:

  • lose weight

  • get healthier

  • improve family life

  • create a better life balance

  • make more money

  • improve relationships

  • end bad habits

  • become more spiritual

  • create a side hustle

Come week 2-4 we are tired, the results aren't showing up, and our motivation is gone.  All the changes we hoped to accomplish are slipping and as fast as it started we slip back into our old ways.   We may be able to start again next month or even next year and we discover that what we've tried is simply not working.

Does this sound familiar?

I have gone down this road many times and I have lived in the frustration and shame as well as felt the accomplishment and fulfillment of meeting and exceeding my goals.  

I invite you to check out the 10-week Quantum Leap program that will uplevel your mindset, set and crush goals, and become the best version of yourself.

Heading 1

Heading 1

2022 Quantum Leap 10 Week Plan

Heading 1


Week 2
- Progress Update
- Set Yearly Goals
- Create Game Plan to obtain goals

Week 3
- Accountability Partners
- Limiters to reaching goals
- Limiting Beliefs that hold you back

Week 4
- Progress Check-in
- Drivers when motivation falls
- Instant Gratification and why it's not serving you

Week 5
- Check-In
- Habit Creation fo long term success
- Going Against the Grain

Week 6
- Check-In
- Turn Fear into a Driver
- Failing Forward

Week 7
- Check-In
- When Do I PIvot?
- Control the Controllables

Week 8
- Check-In
- Do the Work in The Dark
- Remove Toxicity and Toxic People

Week 9
- Check-In
- Choose Safety vs Freedom
- create Your Hustle
- align your talents and joy

Week 10
- Check-In
- The Long Game
- Ongoing Support

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