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What's Your Why?

When evaluating something to buy, do, or create, we look at the what, how, and why. Unfortunately, we are looking at this backwards - we should look at the 'why' before we look at the what and how. The 'why' is what ties directly to your heartstrings, passion, and brings emotion front and center.

Let me give an example. When I embarked on my coaching career I asked myself, 'why do I want to do?' My first answer was, 'I wanted to help people.' I dug a little deeper into that question, 'Why do I want to help people?' It makes me feel fulfilled and living my life's mission.' OK, so why does it fulfill my life's mission? Finally, the 'why' boiled down to 'make the world a better place.' This is when the 'why' became greater than me and aligned with my core values. After I came to this conclusion, the 'what' was easy to figure out and the 'how' is a continually growing process. As long as I know my 'why' the other pieces will fall into place

As you look at worldwide companies that are successful, they are selling you an experience based on emotion. They may touch on the specs and features, but most of it will focus on the experience and emotion. If you look at why Apple is so successful because of the experience they sell. It goes from the ads on TV to the experience you have when you go into the store. A lot of companies have had a great product offering but failed because they were more focused on the 'what' and 'how' than the 'why'

So, what is your 'why'? I'd love to hear what your 'why' is - leave a comment below

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