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What Limiting Belief is Holding You Back?

When baby elephants are taken out of wilderness to be put in a zoo or circus, a string is tied around their ankle and that string is tied to a stake in the ground. The elephant will try and get loose and continue to fail over and over again. It will continue for days on end until it finally gives up. As the elephant grows up, it could easily pull away from the stake, but it has a belief and memories of failing. Even a full grown, 2000+ pound elephant, tied to a stake with a flimsy string won't try to pull away because they have a false belief that it is useless.

As humans, we have a tendency to have many limiting beliefs from experiences, what we were taught by our parents and school, and false assumptions and perceptions in the world. We have limiting beliefs of being an imposter, failing, not being good enough, can't do something, any many other manifestations that we can come up with in our minds.

So, how do we identify and rectify false beliefs? In order to identify a false belief, we need to be cognizant on a conscious level to what we believe in our daily lives. Listen to the thoughts in our minds. Once we come up with something we need to ask ourselves these questions?

- What is a problem or imitation that is holding me back?

- What belief do I have about the world or myself that makes this a problem?

- Do I have any proof that this is true?

- Do I have any evidence that this in not true?

- What point in your life did you buy into this limiting belief?

When you can disprove a limiting belief you can change your mindset about that belief and continue to grow and reach new heights that were holding you back due to the limiting belief you previously had. What limiting belief is holding you back today?

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