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Shiny Things

We oftentimes get the sudden urge to buy a new toy, car, or the latest new gadget. Once we add an item to our cart and select the 'Buy' button on Amazon our anticipation and excitement rise as we anticipate the arrival of our new gadget or purchase that we deem necessary. We quickly open the box and discard it with the other 10 boxes in the garage. We make false claims our new purchase was a necessity and will make our life so much easier. We also notice that our feelings of sadness, despair, and sorrow disappeared from the transaction and after the arrival of our new toy. The new shiny thing filled the void. Once we realize the new gadget didn't make life-changing alterations in our life or the newness wears off we fall back into the same situation we were in before and with a little more debt. Sometimes this cycle continues on and the debt accumulates quickly and the anxiety over the debt only exacerbates current life stressors.

This avoidance of a problem comes in many other forms - binge-watching TV, addictions, and extremism of one sort or another. The underlying problem still exists and until we are able to face that problem and find some closure or resolve it completely, avoidance patterns will continue and could cause long-term damage. Once the underlying issue is resolved the need and urge to purchase things will change from a temporary band-aid to a guilt-free purchase that is fiscally responsible.

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