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Self-Healing through Journaling

Vocalizing our pain, stressors, and past trauma is often difficult from an emotional standpoint as well as figuring out where to start. As thoughts swirl around our brains it becomes difficult to sort it out and it can become overwhelming at times.

Journaling allows you to capture and understand your emotions and validate what you're feeling. Most importantly it is key to self-reflection. Putting your thoughts on paper is a way to transpose your thoughts out of your mind and onto paper. The benefits of journaling include:

- reduces anxiety

- relief from depression

- stress management

- effective habit formation

- the ability to improve clarity and problem-solving

- goal setting and vision board

I am often asked, what should I write about? My recommendation is to start writing and you will see that ideas, thoughts, and emotions will show up for you. Here are some topics you should touch on:

- talk about your day

- what was one thing that went well today

- 5 things you are grateful for

- dreams and ambitions

- Write a letter to forgive someone

- Write a letter to your past self and thank them for helping you grow

- List of things that cause you stress/anxiety

- List of things that make you feel alive

- What it will feel like when you overcome a particular challenge.

My hope for you is journaling is something you can begin doing for your mental health. There are no hard and fast rules. You can do it in the morning, at night, or throughout the day. There is no time limit. Just do what works and makes sense for you.

I have created some journals that you can download and use for yourself at

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