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Perception in Not Reality

Let's say that you, me, and another friend were going on a day hike up a mountain. It was a perfect day, and although it was challenging at times the hike was generally enjoyable for all. As we reach the top of the mountain we share our experiences of the hike. You may say, "Wow, the views from up here are absolutely incredible. I have never seen a view like this in my life." Our other friend might say, "My legs are killing me and I'm so out of shape, I dreaded doing this hike and now I'm regretting it." I might say, "This was so much fun and being able to explore and be one with nature helped me refocus and become aligned with my mind and body."

Each of us took the same path and encountered the same challenges, and yet we come out of it with three very different perspectives. We all have different life experiences that form our perspectives and we are confident that what we see and what we hear is the same as the people around us. When we have this false belief it will create conflicts in our relationships and limit ourselves from growth.

So, how do I overcome this limiting belief. Ask questions and be an active listener. Don't be afraid to ask deeper questions to get a better understanding of others. Get past the superficial questions and don't be afraid to ask them to "Tell me more." The more we understand others the more we can create lasting relationships, create more space for that person, and expand our horizons and knowledge.

Are you willing to let go of your limiting perceptions and beliefs?

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