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Is Co-Dependency Healthy?

If I was a betting man, I would guess the majority of people would say “no”. My response would be, ”it depends”. Most of us think of co-dependency as relying on our partner to support us emotionally, validate our feelings, and be our rescuer. Over time, the supportive partner can become resentful because their needs aren’t being met and it becomes increasingly difficult to pour from empty cup.

A healthy, co-dependent relationship is balanced. Each partner supports the other equally in their challenges, victories, and everything in between. Knowing you have the relentless support it opens the opportunity to be more autonomous is chasing your goals. Developing this type of relationships requires trust, empathy, compassion, and the willingness to be vulnerable.

I challenge you to look at the relationships in your life and notice any patterns of co-dependency. If you find yourself In a relationship that isn‘t healthy, setting boundaries and expectations is a great first step. Identifying and discussing your needs with a partner is also helpful. Within this discussion, it’s helpful to help them how they can meet your needs. Finally, reflect on past relationships and see if this is recurring theme.

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