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How You Define Success

Everyone defines success a little differently based on beliefs and worldview. Some people define success as having a large house, white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a dog. Some define success as being able to get out of bed in the morning and others define success as not having a drink of alcohol today.

So, how do we define success for ourselves? If success is the American Dream, how do you obtain that? Do you think slugging away at a job for 40 years that you hate so you can purchase the big ticket item is a definition of success? The process is not success, but the outcome may be seen as success. True success comes when we can have a positive impact on others, continue to grow, love what we do, and make the money we deserve for our product or service.

Success is often not focused on one thing, but many things. Our family, our health, our work, our faith, and our growth. How we prioritize these will require us to sacrifice one for the other at times depending on how one thing is showing up for us or pulling you in a specific direction.

More often than not, success comes to those who are willing to fail over and over again, get back up, and continue to conquer their idea of success. Wheras, those that stay on the straight and narrow and aren't willing to take calculated risks often fall short of true success and fit neatly into the status quo. Success isn't won in a day. Success takes time and consistent action on our part to continue to pound the proverbial stone.

Success is an ever evolving goal for everyone. What we defined as a success yesterday can change today based on circumstances. It's important that we define our success for ourselves and not allow other to define success for us. When success aligns with our core values we will have fulfillment.

Continue to define your own success, take risks, and get off the beaten path in search of what inspires you and drives you. At the right time you will find your success, or success will find you as long as you stay true to yourself and your values.

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