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Chasing Happiness

Our society has pushed and reinforced the idea that we should live a life of happiness and we, as a society, are constantly chasing the idea of happiness. Is it that new job, a partner, a shiny new toy, a vacation, or a life change? All these life-altering changes can bring a feeling of euphoria for some time, but eventually, it wears off and we're back to just being content or even back to square one. We compare ourselves to others and have thoughts of 'if only', 'should have', or 'could have'.

This constant chase to find happiness and capture it in a bottle to savor it for a lifetime can be exhausting and defeating. In reality, happiness is an emotion, and like all other emotions such as glad, sad, mad, etc, it is fleeting and comes and goes like a flash in a pan.

An idea that I propose is living in joy. Joy is a state of mind and can withstand the highs and lows of life. Joy isn't dependent on a job, shiny new things, or something you need to bottle up. Joy is in your heart and soul. Joy is seeded in gratitude, love, and an appreciation of living in the present.

So, how do I find joy?

- gratitude - a gratitude journal is helpful

- have a positive mindset

- focus on things that you have, not what you don't have

- less focus on other's opinions of you

- practice being present and mindful

- be YOU! Be 100% authentic

- practice self-care

- do the things that YOU want to do, not what others think you should do

What are some other ideas for bringing more joy into your life?

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