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Build Your House

There was once a carpenter who built the most amazing houses in the city. He would buy the best wood and materials and was meticulous in his work. He was detailed in every stage of the process. He was in high demand and won multiple awards for his ability to create stunning houses.

As he was nearing his retirement his boss asked him to build one more house. He was tired and not motivated. He was ready to be done and enjoy retirement. Reluctantly, he agreed to build the house. He decided he'd cut as many corners as possible and buy the cheapest materials possible so he could get it done as soon as possible. Upon inspection, he barely passed.

He returned to the office once the job was done and his manager gave him a gift-wrapped small box as a retirement gift. When he opened it, he saw the keys to the house he just finished building.

His heart sank as he knew he didn't put his best effort into building it and he knew he could have done much better.

As we are building our lives we make decisions that are impacting how our house is being built. As with any house, it requires a solid foundation and strong walls(our values), and how we decorate is represented by our personality and those in our lives.

How are you building your house today? Are you making choices and decisions that are strengthening your house, or tearing it down?

I would love to support you on your journey to build your house.

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