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2020 Reflection

In the years past, I would do a brief 'year in review' and would notice very small changes in all aspects of my life. I'd see some improvements, but would land well short of my aspirations. It was a pattern I failed to notice and chalked it up to this is how things are supposed to go.

Fast forward to 2020. This year has had many challenges with COVID, systemic racism, political divide, and a country divided on all the previously mentioned issues. We saw and continue to witness the sadness, pain, and anguish that is coursing through the veins of a nation.

On a personal level, this year has been an incredible journey of self-growth, self-discovery, and fulfillment. I started the year off at a job I absolutely despised and felt completely stuck with no idea of how to get out of the situation. I was suffering from anxiety and depression and numbed it with alcohol. My state of mind affected all aspects of my life, including my family. My work was mind-numbing, not challenging, and not aligned with my core values and what I wanted to do in life. I pinned up so much anger and hatred, part at myself for getting into this mess and part toward others who I thought misled me.

I was fortunate enough to realize I needed help to get out of this mess I had created and find my passion and what fulfilled me. I discovered I had a mission to help people. I went through the process of healing and learning how to be a coach and started my business in mid-2020. I also enrolled in graduate school for my Master's in Mental Health Counseling. I continue to improve and refine myself and lead people down a path to be the best version of themselves. I also released my truth to the world with my struggle with my speech impediment and my struggle with alcohol. I was able to face my fears and be comfortable in my own skin. I now know my value, my self-concept, and my purpose in life and my heart is full and my mind is clear.

As I sit here reflecting back on this year, it was not all rainbows and butterflies, however, I am happy with where I am at in my life and where I am going. As you reflect on your 2020 journey, have you improved, regressed, or stayed the same?

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