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Week 1 -  Who Are You Today And Where You Are Going?
- Assessment to where you are today
- Diving into what you want to change

- Define your story

Week 2 - Own It?
- How to own your story, mistakes, and accomplishments
- Goal setting


Week 3 - Let It Go
- Power of letting things go that don't serve you

-setting up your accountability team

- Triggers

Week 5 - Toxic Relationships and False Beliefs
- Remove toxic relationships
- Surround yourself with positive people

- What we experience in life and taught are not true and not serving us

Week 4 -  Forgiveness
- Forgive others

- Forgive yourself

- dealing with shame and guilt

Week 6 - Self Care
- importance of self-care
- types of self-care

Week 7- Be Your BadAss Self
- Get comfortable in your own skin

- The new sober version of you

- social engagements

Week 8 -  Take a Chance and Fail Forward
- Learn to take risks and handle failure


Week 9 - Grow!
- Growth is an ongoing process that requires introspection and willingness

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