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About Us

Personal Power and Growth Group

The Personal Power and Growth Group is a small group of empowered, eager to grow, and open-minded people that cover an array of personal and professional topics to become and grow into the best version of themselves.  

Why join the Personal Power and Growth Group

The Personal Power and Growth Group meet twice a month for an hour to discuss topics that facilitate growth in relationships, professional endeavors, and personal issues.   The small group holds space for freedom and deep connections with others.

This group is bonded by support, authenticity, vulnerability, and fun and a place where your VOICE will be heard. The group will support you in the hard times and celebrate you in your good times.

This group allows space to ask the BIG questions and get BIG answers that challenge you to the core as a way to foster growth and prosperity

This group includes an educational portion of each session to spark conversation.
The Personal Power and Growth Group was created for YOU

Personal Power and Growth Group Consists Of:

- Bi-Weekly 1 hour calls
- Free coaching on bi-weekly calls
- Access to Private Facebook Group
- Exclusive one on one coaching discounts


What topics with be covered?

- What is Success
- Stress Management
- Self-Fulling Prophecy
- Best Version of Myself
- Life Balance
- Tryiad of Mind/Body/Spirit
- Victim Triange
- Self Defeating Habits
- Being the Best Version of Yourself
- Self Love, Self Care
- Shame and Guilt
- Dealing with Anxiety
- Fear of Failing
- How to Win Friends and Influence
- And much, much more!!

Your Coach

Matt is a certified Life Coach with certificates in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and in his 2nd year in obtaining his Master's in Mental Health Counseling.  Matt has over 15 years of corporate work experience and has vested interest in self-start businesses and the entrepreneur spirit.  Matt is also well versed in endurance athletics and has completed multiple marathons, an ultra marathon, and 2 Ironman races.

Matt's life mission is to help and serve others and allow them to become empowered to navigate through life with new tools and coping mechanisms to achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves.For more information, contact Matt directly
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