I help you go from feeling average to becoming f’ing awesome by guiding you through my 60 Days of Personal Power Program.



Matt is an extraordinary life coach and visionary.  Matt has the inherent ability to access and unlock one's inner strengths and ability whilst simultaneously diminishing an individual's negative toxicity
- Wes A.
Matt is such an easy person to talk to.  He is personable and compassionate.  I trust him and his commitment to my success.  I would highly recommend him regardless of what you are going through.
- Kim S
Matt has the ability to ask the important and tough questions that allowed me to uncover some pain points in my life and he guided me to a better version of myself and allowed me to follow my dreams and passion.  I'm forever grateful
- Chris C


Getting Coaching is a life coaching business to help people overcome stress, anxiety, depression, people stuck in their lives, or struggling with their relationships.  The philosophy of Getting Coaching is to give you a safe space to share and answer the hard questions to get to the root of the problem and develop new, healthier ways to view life's challenges.  Getting Coaching also leads clients to become empowered to take ownership of their lives and become the best version of themselves.  Check out our 'Services' and sign up for a free connection call today!


Getting Coaching offers services in one on one coaching, group coaching, and Corporate training opportunities.  Select the link below to book your free connection call to learn more about what we can do for you


Matt Getting writes about the issues in mental health wellness and how to cope with various issues that come up in life in a fun, creative way.   Matt's stories and anecdotes will leave  you inspired and provoke your thoughts



Matt creates weekly videos that break down current mental health issues and tells his story of struggles and how  he has successfully overcome them