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Choose your pricing plan

  • Daily Journal

    Every year
    daily journal for intention, gratitude, to-do lists, and journal entry
    • Journal for intentions, gratitude, to-do, and journal entry
  • Self-Reflection Journal

    Every year
    This journal provides questions to answer to unlock creativity and the ability to learn about you
    • 118 journal entries with questions about you
  • Ignite Mental Health

    how to incorporate movement, and the keys for success
    • 50 page eBook
  • Accountability Coach

    Every month
    Perfect for guiding you to stay on track!
    • weekly check-ins, bi-weekly calls, help overcome obstacles
    • unlimited texts
    • unlimited emails
  • Health Coach

    Every month
    Provide guidance to reach your fitness and health goals
    • Collaborate on a personal training plan
    • Collaborate on a nutrition plan
    • Weekly check-ins
    • 1 plan update a month
    • unlimited texts or emails
  • Empower Your Health

    Every month
    Guidance to empower you through your life goals
    Valid for 3 months
    • Transform all areas of your life
    • Weekly calls
    • Weekly homework
    • unlimited texts and emails
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